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Over the past few years WordPress sites have leapt beyond merely blog-based sites to providing dynamic web experiences previously offered only by writing custom code. WordPress is an open sourced Content Management System (CMS) application written in PHP code. It has a thriving community of developers, which has convinced me not only to use it as the foundation of my own web site but to enthusiastically offer it to you because it offers these important benefits:

  • Easily manages content without requiring any knowledge of code using CMS.
  • Automatically creates an archive producing links to deep layers of information within the site.
  • Provides built-in search.
  • Effortlessly exports and imports data to and from external sites.
  • Provides a rich interactive environment well suited to encouraging conversations.
  • Affords efficient search engine optimization (SEO)

Your choices range from a professionally designed, great-looking template to an original site created exclusively for you.

Bespoke WordPress Web Site

Dynamic web site designed and produced for your needs and audience. Form and function are united in design, copy, SEO and standards-compliant code to produce an effective and engaging web presence.

  • Built on the well-supported Hybrid Theme
  • Future proof support by the legion of WordPress developers
  • Easy-to-use WordPress CMS
  • Built-in Organic SEO tools
  • Appropriate landing pages targeted to inbound links
  • YouTube videos of the instructions for later reference
  • And so much more…

Original designs are built on the Skeleton Hybrid Theme. The Golden Dog web site is one example and here is another example.

PRICE: Starting at £3,200 ($5,000)

Contact me for more information on creating a web site that becomes you.

Template WordPress Web Site

A top quality, professional WordPress template theme with endless variations built in, providing you with a professional site you can be proud of at a fraction of the cost of a custom site.

  • Install on your server with Google Analytics
  • Brand with your logo, colors and images
  • Create your primary navigation
  • Set up your SEO
  • Training in using the WordPress dashboard
  • YouTube videos of the instructions for later reference
  • Your own account set up for support and upgrades from the theme’s creator
  • And so much more…

This an example of the template called Awake Theme.

PRICE: Starting at £600 ($790)

Template WordPress Web Site with Three YouTube Videos

The same template offered above with the addition of search engine friendly YouTube videos.

  • Speak directly to your audience with a personal appeal
  • Powerfully demonstrate a product or service
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • And so much more…

PRICE: Starting at £840

Contact me to find out how easy it is to get online today.

Add Tutoring for Success to get the most out of your WordPress web site.

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