Email Marketing

Done well, email marketing generates anticipation and participation from your audience. I am a firm believer that an email list composed of people who are genuinely interested in what you are sending is better than a massive list of people who could care less. My Master Email Marketing Tutoring will teach you how to deepen your relationship with your audience.

Remember, effective and persuasive direct marketing is a combination of design and copy.

Email Template

An HTML template to be used in all popular email clients e.g., Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.

  • Custom-designed email template
  • Tested to work in all mail clients
  • Easy to update with your copy and photos
  • YouTube video instructions on how to use it

PRICE: £500 ($775)

Email Marketing Materials

Quickly turn your database of names into a powerful marketing tool.

  • Custom-designed email template
  • Brand your subscription process with your identity
  • Set up your database in a mail client e.g., Mail Chimp or Constant Contact
  • Training on how to better use your mail client and template

PRICE: £850 ($1275)

Introduction To Email Marketing Tutoring

Personalized hands-on training guaranteed to improve your email marketing efforts.

  • Determining why customers want email from you
  • What works for you in a subject line, content and call to action
  • Analysis of your campaign strategy and target audience
  • Benefits of segmentation
  • Supreme importance of testing

PRICE: £300

Master Email Marketing Tutoring

Taking you to the next level in your email marketing efforts.

  • Closing the engagement loop with sophisticated sharing features
  • Landing pages
  • Utilizing segmentation to improve your response
  • A/B testing

PRICE: £300

Email Marketing Campaigns

Let us create and manage your campaign to achieve the highest return on your investment.

  • Subject lines that are opened
  • Content written and designed to get results
  • Campaign strategy that captures your audience
  • Advanced social media integration
  • And so much more…

PRICE: Ask for a quote

Contact me to see how Golden Dog can improve your email marketing efforts.

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