My greatest strength is in providing both the creative solutions and the strategy to implement them. You need both. No longer will a static brochure and website satisfy your needs. My approach maximizes your resources while providing you with everything you need to indelibly brand YOU in your customer’s mind with an appeal that grows in value. View my portfolio to see examples that delivered results for the United States government, Johnson & Johnson, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and businesses like yours.


Designing a new logo or updating an established one to convey your corporate personality is an essential part of the branding process. Developing this “identity” is the crucial first step in most design projects. This creative design becomes the visual brand that is carried through all corporate communications.

Corporate Communication

Establishing a consistent corporate personality across the myriad touch points with the public, customers, suppliers, employees and investors is the essence of what I do for you.


Designing campaigns that linger in the long-term memory of your customer is how I generate exceptional responses.


Grabbing attention with captivating visuals and copy that delivers a clear and easy call to action is the strength of my ad concepts.

  • Industry trade magazine ads
  • Banner ads
  • Trade shows
  • Facebook campaigns
  • Google ad words campaigns

Public Relations

Creating campaigns that are persuasive and become personal, “branded” with an appeal that grows in value, I increase awareness in both online and offline channels with your customers or constituents.

  • Events
  • Reputation-building campaigns
  • Magazines
  • Blogs
  • Webinars

Social Media

Providing a bespoke combination of social media marketing, graphics and copy along with hands-on training is guaranteed to provide you with measurable value. The beginning of a successful brand is an assessment of your online presence.

Contact me today to see how I can help with your corporate communication efforts.

Golden Dog Rates

Prices are based on an hourly rate of £60 ($80) and subject to change.

Download Golden Dog Rates PDF. Golden Dog Rates pdf

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